Amtrak Dupont crash - Latest payout: $6.9 million
Author: Layer Payday Time
Date: 11-23-2021 - 16:24

Nice payday for the lawyer and this girl who has apparently fully recovered. Now who will save us from the legal-industrial Complex that burdens and costs honest citizens so much? Can we start shutting down law schools to limit the number of law graduates. Can we reform the legal system by flushing existing state bar associations down the toilet and coming up with a system that is ethical? Why does everyone know a crooked lawyer and why are they so common? Why are they as highly regarded as rapists and crooks? Why are they given the freedom to lie, steel and do harm to innocent people? Is it because American ethics have corroded to the level of the least common denominator? Is the lawyer indeed, like a parasite, a growth up mold upon on a piece of feces, floating in a river of putrid sewer water from the emptied bowels of a corrupt society.

Jury awards Seattle woman $ 6.9 million for injuries sustained in 2017 Amtrak Cascades crash

On Tuesday, a federal jury awarded a Seattle woman nearly $ 6.9 million in compensation for injuries she suffered as a passenger on an Amtrak Cascades 501 train that derailed at high speed near Dupont, Pierce County, in December 2017.

Kylie Steele, then 24, was pushed headfirst into the seat in front of her as a speeding train bound for Seattle to Portland jumped off the tracks at a bend, causing several vehicles to fall off the overpass onto Interstate 5. Three people were killed and 65 were injured.

The train was making its maiden voyage on the recently completed Point Defiance bypass. Amtrak resumed the route earlier this month.

A jury in the courtroom of U.S. District Judge Benjamin Settle deliberated just three hours after a five-day trial entirely at Zoom, before awarding Steele $ 6.875 million in compensation for past and future economic losses.

“She’s a wonderful young woman whose life was full of hope and changed forever,” said her Seattle lawyer James Vucinovic, who said Steele, now 28, was a graduate student at Antioch University when the accident happened. “She deserves it.”

A phone message left by lawyers representing Amtrak was not immediately returned on Tuesday.

In its court notes, Amtrak downplays the extent and severity of Steele’s injuries. The Passenger Train Service noted that Steele had no fractures and claimed she was “independent and capable of driving” and participates in outdoor activities such as running and kayaking. Amtrak disputes the fact that Steele continued to suffer from PTSD nearly four years after the accident.


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