Railroads of Montana.com Changes and History
Author: Dale Jones
Date: 06-20-2022 - 09:50

It’s been twenty-one years [2001] since I uploaded the first Railroads of Montana website. At that time, technically speaking – a web design program called MS Frontpage was THE way to build websites. Through all the decades I have suffered the consequences of working with such a limited and antiquated program. Originally, MS Frontpage was designed to work specifically with Internet Explorer, and to get a website uploaded on to the web, it required specialty web server credentials. After Microsoft stopped supporting Frontpage circa 2004, it has been increasingly difficult to find providers that accept the specialty files needed to upload the webpages, therefore that is why many times the site may have looked “weird.”

Long story short…my old well-worn railroad-based website had been showing its age, and as a photographer, I have always taken photographs of much more than just railroads. So…I created a new [www.dalejonesphotography.com] website. Here I am able update and make more accessible my historical and railroad themed material along with current and other photographic interests.

Throughout the years, the shopping angle of web purchasing has become more user friendly.
Part of the MS Frontage constraints was the insertion of “Shopping” links. I appreciate all who have suffered through the convulsions of payment formats. The new website has been updated to conform with common “Shopping Cart – Checkout” options. Payments can now be charged through your credit/debit card or PayPal. The shipping fees are also setup for US and Canadian addresses.

Here are some new links you might want to check out:
New links:

Please peruse the new website - there are many different historical and photographic areas to enjoy. As time goes on, the old [railroads-of-montana.com] will be a mirror site shared for much of the information.
Talk to ya later,

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  Railroads of Montana.com Changes and History Dale Jones 06-20-2022 - 09:50
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