GGRM Receives GRANT from UP to restore historic RPO
Author: Mike Pechner
Date: 02-05-2008 - 22:21

I am pleased to announce that the GGRM has been awarded a $3000.00
grant from the Union Pacific Community Grant Program.

The purpose of the grant request that we submitted was to complete the
restoration of our Union Pacific Railway Post Office (RPO) car #5901
( This car regularly
served as part of Southern Pacific's "City of San Francisco".

Our RPO car will be returned to its original Union Pacific color
scheme and prior to painting the car will need minor metal work on
both ends to replace small sections that have rusted.

The museum has partnered with the Society of Retired Railway Post
Office Clerks in the construction of a really terrific interpretive
display that has been integrated into the restoration of the car.

In addition the museum arranged with the US Postal service to make our
RPO into an official US Post Office when it was on display in Sunol
during the fall. This included a special cancellation for any mail
brought to the car that day. We hope to be able to do this again very

When the car is next out for display you should make it a point to
come by and take a look. Dates for when the car will be on display
are published on our website and in the Monthly "Dispatchers Sheet"
and Quarterly "Stack Talk" newsletters available to GGRM Members.

Our grant from the Union Pacific will cover most of the cost of
painting the car, however approximately $2000 in additional funding is
still needed to cover the costs to fully paint and restore the car. If
you are interested in helping restore this car, or would like to
contribute please drop a line to

Best Regards,

David Hensarling
President, GGRM

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  GGRM Receives GRANT from UP to restore historic RPO Mike Pechner 02-05-2008 - 22:21

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