Re: N. Pomona Way Back Machine
Author: J Mann
Date: 05-18-2017 - 14:34

I have a fond memory of Pomona station. My wife and I took the Southwest Chief in 1989 and stopped to visit a friend in Upland. A couple of days later it was time to take us back to the station but my friend was very relaxed about getting us to the station saying "don't worry, it's never on time". What he didn't bet on was traffic. We got to the station exactly at departure time and as we crossed the tracks by the station I looked down the tracks and saw the Chief sitting there and the crew picking up the stepboxes. We pulled to a stop in the station right as the train pulled out. My wife wanted me to stop the train but I pointed out to her that it would be like Gene Wilder in Silver Streak. My friend asked what the next station was and what time the train got there. I said Pasadena in 30 minutes. He said forget it, no way he could get there that fast with the morning commute. What next? I said Los Angeles Union. He just looked at me blankly and said it is over an hour away with traffic. So off we drove. If he had been 5 minutes faster he would have saved himself a couple of hours driving.

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  N. Pomona Way Back Machine Pdxrailtransit 05-18-2017 - 11:11
  Re: N. Pomona Way Back Machine J Mann 05-18-2017 - 14:34

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