Street Running Rules
Author: Rolland Meyers
Date: 11-11-2017 - 16:26

I was watching a live web cam of a CSX line down a main street in La Grange, KT. It got into an accident and hit a vehicle. The line is not exactly in the middle of the street so there is passing room on one side but not the other, but parking on both sides.

My question is what are the Federal Rules and railroad rules governing street running like this? I always thought the railroad owned the right of way so many feet from the rail itself and this was their property. But how does this apply when it is a main street of a town, which I assume has grown up around the existing tracks?

Are there specific Federal laws saying who owns the right of way and who has the right of way?
I know even here in Oakland (CA) there is still a pretty good stretch of street running in the Jack London area. Do the same laws and rules apply to all street sharing lines?

Thanks to anyone with knowledge in this area.
Rolland Meyers

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