Re: A new SST? Well........
Author: BOB2
Date: 12-06-2017 - 10:29

Not really competition for much of anything yet, just hype from folks looking for investors, with the promise of some kind of prototype (proto-hype?) "2 seater" will be demonstrating the concept, maybe even next year.....

It's not even competition for Boeing, if they can only sell 45 seats (at what price?). The Concorde never made a nickel in actual "net" profits for anyone, in its entire operating history......

High speed trains with capacities of 300-500 per train, with average trip distances of around 100 miles, connecting multiple City pairs, in dense corridors are not threatened by an SST that is not allowed to operate at supersonic speeds in domestic airspace......

Fuel consumption, deregulation, and the 747 effectively destroyed any business case for a new SST for the last 50 years, even for international travel...... Simply because the cost to produce an SST "seat mile" and fill it with "profitable" paying passengers has not penciled out, not even for very high end passengers, for the relative travel time savings that SST's would generate to those travelers willing to pay for it.

New technologies, new materials, more efficient engines, may change that in some markets like these long Pacific, or some Atlantic, and over the pole routes, where noise issues would not be a factor.

It has been noted, and is supported by numerous examples throughout financial history, that a "Boom" is what sometimes happens to highly speculative investments or stock offerings, before they go bust......

I'll take this a bit more seriously when I hear that the Japanese Airlines have committed "billions" in new plane orders with "Boom", like do every year with Boeing.....

And, as I have noted, it just seems that every time announces that Tesla fails to meet anything close to its production goals for EV's, scaring the crap out of his investors, that Elon is always busy issuing a new announcement, like that we are going to be moving containers in underground tunnels in Denver with "hype"-rloop, and we will be flying men to Mars by 2023........

Caveat Emptor......

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