Re: Kern County supervisors call for outright abandonment of CAHSR
Author: Mouse Hunter
Date: 03-13-2019 - 11:32

synonymouse Wrote:
>" []
> sors-approve-total-abandonment-of-the-high-speed-r
> ail
> Big winners: Tejon Ranch Co., whose strategy has
> worked perfectly. Now no encroachment on either
> side of their vast kingdom and they are free to
> develop their lowest quality property in the
> Convergence Zone adjacent to I-5. Eventually with
> the proper amount of bribery and corruption they
> will tract out the whole thing."

Who in the hell cares Mouse? The train would have gone under ground through the property anyway. The developments are at least 20 years away. And yes if I owned that much land, I would kiss the Gavinator's ass too. You will not be here anymore than I when it gets built.

> Big losers: BART-MTC who proved unable to stop
> the electrification of Caltrain. Now there will
> be a state of the art high-end OCS electric
> passenger railway to compare to their Bechtel
> museum operation.

Sorry, have to disagree with this one. Electric powered rail roads are the future for better operation. The train accelerates faster, can go faster, even on a commuter line like Caltrain. BART-MTC know that also. Any rail road designer knows this. Not going away Mouse. Never ever.

BTW: 5 ft 6 in / 1,676 mm is the size of a broad track gauge commonly used in India, Pakistan, western Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Chile, and on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the Indian Subcontinent it is simply known as "Broad gauge", while in North America, it is called Provincial, Portland, or Texas gauge. Elsewhere it is known as "Indian gauge". It is the widest gauge in regular passenger use anywhere in the world.

The biggest winners: the public and their tax spending.

The biggest losers: The members of this forum who have to put up with your constant whining about BART and your anti everything in the BAY area.

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.....

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