Newsline standin
Author: Espee99
Date: 10-23-2008 - 19:58

As time allows I will see if I can post some new articles. I am sure if this will go over so here is a sample of what I expect to post. If some else wants to try I will stand down on this one but I have some time now and can try it for a while.


MRL reports drop in accidents at Missoula railyard

Montana Rail Link representatives came before a City Council committee Wednesday and touted a 40 percent drop in accidents at its Missoula railyard.


Union Pacific 3Q profit leaps, beats Wall St. view

Union Pacific Corp., the nation's largest freight railroad operator, said Thursday its third-quarter earnings jumped 32 percent on higher prices and better productivity


A published report says a Metra engineer faces disciplinary action for allegedly letting a teen operate commuter trains.

The Chicago Tribune cited a report filed with the Federal Railroad Administration in the story posted Thursday on its Web site.

The documents also indicate two other engineers were suspended for allegedly permitting the teen to enter locomotive cabs.

Metra wouldn't confirm any specifics, including when and on what line the incidents allegedly occurred. But a spokeswoman says the agency suspended three trainmen when it learned of the accusations two weeks ago.

A spokesman for the Federal Railroad Administration says the matter is cause for concern. He says the agency could take action if it discovers federal regulations were violated.

According to the American Public Transportation Association, public transportation is on a long-term growth

In fact, ridership increased by 5.2 percent in the second quarter of
2008 and is accelerating at record-breaking rates.

With increased ridership comes an increased need for better transit
systems. But in a recent survey, 85 percent of operators thought their
transit systems were outdated or at capacity. Many experts say an
integrated plan would allow trains, buses and light rails to become more
easily accessible for commuters.

On November 4th, in response to the pressure for increased services, 13
states across the country will ask taxpayers to divert or raise taxes to
pay for increased bus and rail services. Historically, voters pass
two-thirds of these initiatives but this year experts expect those numbers
to be much higher.

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