So the Big Boy engine is coming to Chicago
Author: The real Baroness Ann Davenport
Date: 07-09-2019 - 07:51

So the historic Union Pacific Big Boy steam engine is coming to the Chicago area around the end of this month, West Chicago IL, before heading to Rochelle IL.

My reaction:
😒....Pfffft whatever. I don't give a damn!
As a reminder, the ONLY locomotive on this planet that I even give the slightest damn about is METX 210 and METX 210 only! Every other locomotive is just another locomotive in my view, and has absolutely NO significance in my life.

Speaking of, I just LMAO when someone uses scientific terms to say that there's no connection between METX 210 and I. Someone recently said it's full of logical fallacies and lacks quantitative data.
SMDH How stupid and full of themselves can some people be?! Logical fallacies and lacking quantitative data my ass! Only smallminded haters who make the HUGE mistake of looking at this thing from a surface level would say such mess! I know how jealous haters operate, and one technique that they use is coming up with anything just to make someone feel bad/think twice about what someone does in hopes that that someone will stop doing it. How else would a link between Twotenny and I have been found if a lot of things weren't considered and evaluated not just by me but by some people who were curious about this thing? Mind you, several of those some people are the four psychiatrists/therapists I've had since Summer 2015, and they all agreed that there is definitely a connection! Two with one another, and the other two with me!

A branch of science happens to serve as another confirmation of what I call, but wasn't the first to do so, the "spiritual connection" between Twotenny and I, and that's good ol' quantum physics. It happened to complete this puzzle I initiated of trying to figure out how a locomotive and a human being could be so connected to one another, and how one could influence the other so greatly. Atoms, energy, and vibrations. Every single living and nonliving thing consists of these including me and Twotenny, and in entanglement (sometimes known as synchronicity), those of one thing will affect those of another thing regardless of how far apart they may be. Deep but true stuff!

All one has to do is just be like me, and that can be done simply by having a wide open mind along with a voracious thirst for additional knowledge. It's not hard to do, and just about anyone can do it, if he/she has the right mindset and the desire to.


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  So the Big Boy engine is coming to Chicago The real Baroness Ann Davenport 07-09-2019 - 07:51
  Re: So the Big Boy engine is coming to Chicago Aaroness Dan Bavenport 07-09-2019 - 09:40
  Re: So the Big Boy engine is coming to Chicago The "Spiritual Connection" 07-14-2019 - 09:47

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