Re: For Bob2 (re: Don in Hemet)... But, if he really cared....
Author: BOB2
Date: 12-02-2019 - 10:53

Yeah, he's completely off the wall and ranting and raving. But, "drunk" or not, he does have a legitimate complaint, which I also share, about the current entirely inadequate levels of Perris line rail passenger services.

I've been critical of both ML reverse commute services (or lack thereof and of the failure to provide good "suburb to suburb" services in the IE. And, I'm on record on AP many times with my own criticism of the inadequate service levels (resulting in much less than optimal ridership for the money the taxpayer spent on rebuilding the line) on the Perris line.

Since he purports to the a resident of Hemet, if he really does care about that crappy Perris service, and it's just not an excuse to "whine" on AP, then he should try contacting his local RCTC elected officials who sit on the Board, and "whine" to them about it...

If the traffic we see gridlocked every day on the I-215 between South Riverside County and San Bernardino County jobs is any indication of the potential demand, then I would even be looking at a direct Perris to San Berdo and Redlands "suburb to suburb" (and a connection to the "jobs" on the SGV ML line) AM and PM peak commuter rail services

Of course, I'm just shocked when I see posts by uninformed folks "who've heard things", who then "whine" about it on AP... They're almost as entertaining as the loony's and trolls...

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