Modoc Happenings
Author: Tom Mueller
Date: 07-29-2020 - 18:33

Greetings all –working my from to South to North

Alturas yard is still packed with empty center beams -No other types present-No Goose Lake activity

The ROW from Alturas to Canby does not appear to have had any tie or ballast work vs the Northern end that has.

The 25/30 Cermet hoppers are still parked on the northern end of Canby siding. No more tie work is being done on Canby Hill. Judging by the spacing of the removed ties lying alongside the ROW it appears this work performed on the grade was selective and targeted. Several MOW tampers/tie extractors..... are staged on the stud track at Ambrose siding (I am guessing these are part of the mini gang I saw working the hill a month ago.

The empty center beams I saw at Perez a month are now all gone.

Following the ROW from Perez to Merrill I saw quite a few (10+) assembly areas of used ties. There were still about 6 MOW track units between Newall and Merrill. From what I could see the UP completely re-ballasted and rejuvenated a good percentage of the ties between Texum and Perez Big Big $$$$ The Tie gang I saw a month ago appears to have moved out.

I also encountered UP Extra 4139 parked on the south end of Stronghold Side with its train. Its train consisted of three fire suppression water cars. With the Medicine Lake fire burning close to the Mainline it appear the UP is not taking any chances.

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  Modoc Happenings Tom Mueller 07-29-2020 - 18:33
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