Re: UP 4018 - missed shot at glory
Author: Big Boy
Date: 09-13-2020 - 12:12

Diesel helper Wrote:
> An advertised Trains special has this inside info:
> “Big Boy No. 4018 and how it missed its shot at
> glory.”
> What is this 4018 of which they speak?

That is the one in the museum in TX.

About 15 years ago some phoney convinced the museum that he was going to produce a movie starring 4018. He convinced the museum, which then dud some preliminary (slightly) work on the engine.

The "producer" began dropping names and raising money, then after the scales started to fall off and people began to realize it was all a con, both he and
the money disappeared and have not been heard from since.

Most of the "true believers" in that scam are still on here today, raving about the 4014 and how wonderful it is.

Except it isn't.

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