Re: Driving spikes is tough! -- How tough is it?
Author: WebDigger
Date: 10-15-2020 - 13:38

How tough is it? For one example, (re-)see this vid -- Russian Railways: changing out a tie [] -- originally shared here on AP -- [] -- by Pass the vodka bottle on 04-18-2020 - 12:53.

And, speaking of "vodka", a friend asked how the Russian distinguish between water (H2O) and "vodka" so I had to look it up. The best distilation I could find is here -- []. That post says "The suffix "ka" in the Russian language is a diminutive. In the case of vodka, it's the kind of water you love. It's not diminutive in the sense that it's little, but rather as a term of endearment. Much like how in Spanish the suffix "ita" (as in abuelita) shows affection for someone or something." I guess that can also apply to "Ivana" and "Ivanka".

Gsearch [russian vodka water] []

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