Author: questions
Date: 10-16-2020 - 13:03

Google search turns up a Genesee & Wyo shortline called Olympia & Belmore Railroad (OYLO) running in Olympia.

Found this pretty cool video of the OYLO in 2016. [www.youtube.com]

The author says this:

"Tacoma Rail no longer in the picture. UP still owns the track from E Olympia to the Port of Olympia. BNSF still owns the track from UP track to Belmore. BNSF still has trackage rights to over the UP from E Olympia to the port. G&W has a contract with BNSF to use the UP and BNSF tracks to serve customers on the line."

Sounds complicated. Is the OYLO railroad still running? Does it have regular trains, or is it a sporadic operation?

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