Coos Bay rehab.
Author: Your tax dollars at work
Date: 10-16-2020 - 18:01


[begin quote]
The Coos Bay Rail Line is a 134-mile short line.
The Coos Bay Rail Line is getting a $9.9 million boost from the U.S. Department of Transportation,
The project proposes to replace 67,000 crossties and resurface the main line, sidings, an industrial lead, rail yard and spur tracks with ballast along the 121 miles from Eugene to Coos Bay.
[end quote]

Can do all that for $9.9 million? Whew. I'm skeptical.

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  Coos Bay rehab. Your tax dollars at work 10-16-2020 - 18:01
  Re: Coos Bay rehab. crazy money 10-17-2020 - 11:17
  Port of Coos Bay Pdxrailtransit 10-17-2020 - 12:18
  Re: Coos Bay rehab. BN Oly 10-17-2020 - 13:07
  Re: Coos Bay rehab. Erik H. 10-17-2020 - 17:46

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