Re: Wasting $11 billion on bike joyriders
Author: Fan of rails and trails
Date: 06-25-2021 - 21:09

Stop Democrat waste Wrote:
> No, few bike trail users are commuters.
> 0.6% of all workers in the United States (Table
> S0801), bike to work.

Where did did you come up with $11 billion for bike trails? That number was not in the article, nor could I find anything on the internet stating the allocation for bike trails.

Is that money only bike trails or is it also available for pedestrian facilities and to make passages accessible for persons with disabilities?

Nationally, work trips account for only 15% of travel. Therefore, there is no rationale for whining about bicyclists taking "joy rides" when so many people take joy rides in automobiles and other forms of transportation.

You call this "Democrat waste." Bicycle trails are for anyone who wants to use them regardless of their political affiliation and regardless is they have a political affiliation.

However, if you want to believe that only Democrats favor investment in trails, I am not going to fight you on that. You just will just reinforce my belief that those who oppose investment in bicycle and pedestrian facilities are indifferent/hostile to public policies to enhance public health.

If you are going to rant about waste, you are really barking up a wrong tree. Fatalities and injuries due to road accidents costs America over $200 billion per year. That money does not move one person or ton of freight one mile. It's a total waste.

Trails are a great way to preserve abandoned railroad lines. I was born too late to ride the Milwaukee Road's Olympian Hiawatha. I was, however, able to bike the Route of the Hiawatha Trail in Idaho which was developed on the former rail line used by the Olympian Hiawatha. That was one of my best rail experiences. Don't know how much money went into making the trail's bridges and tunnels usable for bicyclists, but I am sure public money was used as the trail is in a National Forest. However, if you feel diminished by the existence of that trail, that's on you.

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