Re: Matt Rose Admits Railroads are Common Carriers- It was good while it lasted....
Author: BOB2
Date: 07-23-2021 - 11:03

Ah real "free market" competition, we worship the theory, with consumers sovereign and many sellers, competing against each other to provide more and better goods and sevices, at the lowest price...

Which doesn't really exist in geographically constrained optimal market connections, with significant barriers to competition, due to costs of building a "new" RR, and the ability ot use price discrimination to maximize profits in oligopolistic and/or monopolistic pricing in this situation of limited "real" market competition...

This is not a new understanding of this kind of oligopoly game theory and potential for abuse by firms with this the kind of "market power" over there "customers". It's just one we seem to have forgotent while bleating the praise of the actually quite rare "ideal" truly "free" markets that we seem to want "believe" in....

Rose was a good railroader, too... Not just another finance major looking to squeeze out as much short term "profit" and stock valuation, by leverage, price discrimination, and capital disinvestment...

In the end, will the rail freight systems be finally leveraged out, weakened, the core capital assets finally "used up", and these systems finally "gutted" and stripped?

The cost shifting from this discrinatory pricing monopolistic model is almost entirely to their customers, and passed on to us consumers, in a hundred little ways every day, like more taxes to pay for additional truck damage to roads, to the hidden added cost passed on with higher prices on everything you buy from Walmart or Vons.

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