Submitted For Your Approval - Sixty-Third Installment
Author: D. B. Arthur
Date: 05-29-2022 - 09:51

Continuing with my recollection of riding a NdeM freight on the Zacapu District on March 05, 1997, here's a photo of the train picking up some gondolas containing scrap metal from various sources (including what looked like a train wreck) at Villachuato, Michoacan. The rail line sweeps around the edge of the town of San Lorenzo and the train station is located on the outskirts of the town. Here's a Google aerial photo and you can "zoom back" to see where everything is in relation to everything else. You can also follow the rail line and note that, on the north side of the town of Zacapu, there's a big industry that receives a lot of covered hoppers. My guess is that it's probably a plant that makes plastics and the hoppers contain plastic pellets. The industry is big enough that it probably saved the line from being abandoned. It would be interesting to know if FerroMex still operates over the whole district or if they only go as far south as Zacapu to this big shipper. If they go all the way to Ajuno I wonder what they interchange there with KCSdeM.


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  Submitted For Your Approval - Sixty-Third Installment D. B. Arthur 05-29-2022 - 09:51

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