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Date: 06-04-2022 - 20:54

No more Mr. Nice Guy Wrote:
> How do you know what undocumented immigrants smell like?

The correct term is "illegal alien" because they broke the law by illegally invading a country. Your terminology is typical for a bleeding heart liberal who wants to re-engineer the English language to fit your narrative. What part of the word "illegal" do you not understand? I also call "males" males and "females" females. Are you using the term "binary" yet? I'll bet you use the phrase "gender dysphoria" instead of "gender identity disorder". It's as if we all have to play a stupid little game to shield people with hyper-active sensitivities. I refuse to play.

As far as fragrances go, let's just say that most human beings start to smell a little ripe when they haven't bathed for days and been out in the hot sun. Don't believe me? Go for a few days without bathing and hang out in a hot climate for a few days and see how that works for you. Smell your armpits occasionally to see how things are coming along.

>Do you go to places where you suspect they congregate and smell them? Ewww, you ARE really weird and nasty.

I've been around enough of them to know what I'm talking about. Are you saying that my statement is not true or are you saying that, in your opinion, I shouldn't be bringing the subject up because it might hurt some people's feelings?

> Republicans/conservatives claim to support the "santicty of life" when they advance anti-abortion legislation [given your snarky remarks about abortion rights advocates it appears you oppose abortion as well]. If there really is "sanctity of life" {abortion opponents' lexicon, not mine/liberals} the value of a human being should not be determined on how he or she entered the United States or whether he or she has appropriate documents.

Oh, here we go. So you must be a liberal who feels that borders and national sovereignty are obsolete and inhumane. Correct? Who writes your material? George Soros? So you feel anyone should just be able to relocate to anywhere they want in the world? How many illegal aliens are currently residing in your house as we speak? If you're going to "talk the talk", then "walk the walk".


I know this may come as a shock to you since you've been brainwashed with liberal propaganda, but there's nothing "racist" or "xenophobic" about a country desiring a sovereign border or trying to have a say in how many people it wants to admit each year.

Countries such as Mexico, Japan and Australia certainly monitor how many people enter their countries and slap restrictions on entry or carry out deportations as they see fit. Why is it considered so horrific if the U.S. attempts to do the same? Oh, it's because that's how you've been programmed to think by other bleeding hearts.


> Certainly, politicians and citizens who claim to be "pro-life" should not be calling anyone "illegal aliens."

They wouldn't have to call anyone anything if those people would obey the law, stay in their native countries and not try to invade another country. Again, what is so horrific about the U.S. trying to carry out the same immigration policies as other countries? I'd really like to know.

> Recently, you posted an irrelevant comment claiming there was no evidence that the Buffalo shooter listened to Tucker Carlson. That may be true, but the shooter was very much motivated by the so-called replacement theory. We know how that turned out.

The shooter was insane. He issued multiple signals that he was getting ready to snap and everyone ignored him. Tell me why we refuse to incarcerate insane people who are making threats and, instead, choose to blame everything on inanimate objects?

Read this and report back to me:


> Your commentary is garbage and you are garbage.

And your commentary is idiotic and you are idiotic. There. Now we both feel better.

> Wow, you truly are a piece of work.

Said the pot to the kettle.

> You are a priviledged white male

How do you know what race I am or what gender I am? Are you admitting there are only two genders? You'd better not be. Not if you're trying to be a good little liberal. How do you know I'm not identifying as an AH-70 Apache Mystic or teeth or paint?




> who has had a nice life in the US watching, riding and photographing trains

What makes you think I've had a nice life in the U.S. watching, riding and photographing trains? I'd really like to know.

> and yet you are jealous of those who are in much more dire circumstances than you?

What makes you think I'm jealous of them?

I just view the U.S.A. as a big life boat adrift at sea and it's designed to hold, for the purposes of this exercise, 100 people. Guess what happens when you try to wedge 10,000 people on that lifeboat.

You know we live in crazy times when liberals work overtime in trying to find justification for people breaking the law and those laws are, or are not, enforced, depending on whether a Republican or a Democrat is occupying the White House. I hope President Trump or Rick DeSantis can re-attain the White House in 2024, but at the rate "Alzheimer's 46" is destroying the country, there may not be anything left to save.

> Grow up, LITTLE BOY.

And you need to shirk all of that liberal B.S. and acquaint yourself with reality. Even liberal Bill Maher is recognizing the ship you're on is rapidly sinking and he's putting on a life vest, getting ready to jump.

And, again, what proof do you have that I'm male? Just call me "paint".

* * * * * * *

CCTGM Wrote:
> Nor anything new been going on for many years more than 30 years

The autoracks have been enclosed to keep the vandals out. Or did they just enclose all of those cars as a "make work" project and because it makes them look prettier? Things have gotten much worse over the last few years and you know it. Ten years ago you didn't see that littered right-of-way on the UP Alhambra Sub in Lincoln Heights. You know that. Don't be dismissive by saying "things have always been this way."

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