Re: Any Reports of MT and WY Flood Damage?
Author: Kyle
Date: 06-23-2022 - 21:13

Wasn't much on the local news or Billings Gazette
about Fromberg in terms of the railroad, but half
of it was under water. 80+ homes damaged.

The railroad is a little higher up but the tracks
did have evidence of mud. Clark's Fork of the
Yellowstone comes dangerously close to the
right of way outside of town in several places
which are common stress points every year.

Fromberg, oddly enough was an NP town and the
Q had trackage rights.

It was reported in the Gazette that BNSF was battling
the river at several locations east of Billings on the
exNP main but nothing much said about the Casper Line.
Surprisingly MRL survived.

The NP's Park Branch out of Livingston is a paved
trail that only extends about two miles from the
end of the Branch south of the I-90 Interchange
at R-Y Timber and MacDonalds. Have never seen any
other segments designated as a public trail and it
most certainly would have been victim of the flood

Yankee Jim Canyon for example, is a short deep scenic gorge north of
Gardiner saw river levels rise over the highway which is
extremely difficult for me to imagine. The abandon right of way is on
the opposite side and slightly lower. Reminds me of the 1964 flood
on the Eel River at Island Mtn.

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