Fatal Shooting At St. Louis Amtrak Station
Date: 08-03-2022 - 17:20

The Sun
August 01, 2022

A SHOOTING at the St Louis Gateway Transportation Center sent customers running for cover as police officers swarmed the Amtrak and Greyhound Bus stations.

The shooting, which took place inside the transportation center in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, left one person dead, according to a local CBS affiliate.

KMOV's Jenna Rae took to Twitter after the incident: "A witness tells me she saw a man in a hoodie with a mask on walk into the station and head right for the victim.

"She says the man shot the victim once and took off.

"Other witnesses tell me they immediately took cover, but are shaken up and shocked this happened."

Dozens of witnesses remained inside the building on South 15th Street, located near 16th and Spruce, after the shooting, police told the news outlet.

Police revealed the victim to be a black male around 17 or 18 years old.

A person of interest, suspected to be the shooter, has also been taken into custody.

"Police say the POI is also a 17-18YO black male. Police say this could be targeted, but itís still under investigation," KMOV reports.

(emphasis added)

The alleged shooter and the victim "fit the profile."

Things like this seem to happen a lot more frequently in places like Kimberly M. Gardnerís St. Louis, MO and Lori Lightfoot's South Chicago, IL than in places like Kristi Noem's South Dakota.

From a quick Google search:

<> South Dakota population in 2022 is expected to be 905,404 inhabitants.

<> Population of South Chicago in 2022: The South Side has a population of 752,496, of which over 93% are African American. Some census tracts (4904 in Roseland, 7106 in Auburn Gresham) are 99% black.

South Dakota has more people but a lot less killings by gun and other violence than South Chicago. Why is that? Should we continue to ignore the 800 lb. gorilla in the corner of the room?

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  Fatal Shooting At St. Louis Amtrak Station 08-03-2022 - 17:20

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