Re: Subscribe for unlimited digital content.
Author: mumble mumble
Date: 09-21-2022 - 06:32

1) the NoScript thing. It works well. But it's only as a Firefox extension, and 99% of Windows users (despite various competitors, Windows is still the overwhelming leader for client computer operating systems) use Chrome or a derivative of it (such as Edge). Essentially all Android phone users use Chrome. NoScript is not available for Chrome. There are, however, plenty of traditional ad blockers (uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger and DuckDuckGo extensions exist for Chrome).

2) syndication. It exists, but not all stories are picked up. You might get lucky though.

And, I find the Chronicle/SFGate's firewall to be much less intrusive, on the whole, that many others. The McClatchy (the various Bees in California) paywall is essentially absolute. NYTimes is also strict. And many of the financially-oriented operations (see: WSJ, Bloomberg) allow viewing only the first couple of line. Reuters allows you to read 3 stories before raising the firewall (make sure your browser is set to clear all cookies, history, and cache when closed in order then close it then reopen to read 3 more). In some cases (like Reuters) you may be able to register for a free account and get more access. The news business needs to make money somehow...

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