Submitted For Your Approval - One-hundred-forty-ninth Installment
Author: D. B. Arthur
Date: 09-20-2022 - 23:40

Here's a photo I took on August 23, 1976, FORTY-SIX YEARS AGO, when I made a one-week trip to British Columbia and Alberta. After arriving in Calgary on Canadian Pacific's "The Canadian", the following day I rode CPR's Train 301, an unnamed train comprised of a RDC Dayliner, that ran on a three-and-one-half-hour morning schedule from Calgary to South Edmonton. The train made an extended intermediate stop in the town of Red Deer, and I seem to recall there was a catering truck there that offered drinks and snacks. Here we see the train stopped at the station in Red Deer that was located downtown. In 1990, a 7.7 mile line-relocation was built on the western side of the city that removed the railroad from the downtown area. Here's an August 2019 Google Streetview image that shows the station since the tracks have been removed and now functioning in a non-rail use. The station was within days of being demolished and it was decided at the last minute to save it.


In 1976, CP Rail was offering two trains per day each way on the Calgary-Edmonton corridor, and those trains probably catered to passengers at the intermediate points as Pacific Western Airlines was offering hourly flights between the two cities.

Today the Canadian Pacific line between Calgary and South Edmonton is freight-only.

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  Submitted For Your Approval - One-hundred-forty-ninth Installment D. B. Arthur 09-20-2022 - 23:40

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