Re: Fillmore Western News-Holiday Train Run
Author: K. C. Jones
Date: 11-23-2022 - 12:13

BOB2 Wrote:
> The Holiday train will be running on the Santa Paula branch.

Hey BOB2, I've heard they're looking for an engineer for that run. Are you interested? Word has it that they'll put you up in a dump at your away-from-home-terminal in Piru in a flop house that makes that bungalow in Yuma look like the Ritz-Carlton. The Carrier made sure to find such "lodging" just within the boundary of where they're not required by the Agreement to provide transportation to it, so that means you'll have to walk to the place. They'll tie you up at eleven hours and fifty-nine minutes so they can put you back to work in eight hours. The beanery is about a mile away and is a "roach coach" with an illegal alien for a chef. When standing near the locomotive, be sure to wear your hearing protection and remember that if the trainmaster asks you a question, as soon as you remove your ear plugs he'll fail you for the efficiency test he just conducted on you. And don't even THINK about laying off sick. Happy Holidays!

After knowing all this, are you still interested or is there another consulting job that you have your eye on?

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  Fillmore Western News-Holiday Train Run BOB2 11-23-2022 - 08:40
  Re: Fillmore Western News-Holiday Train Run Elf at the throttle 11-23-2022 - 09:48
  Re: Fillmore Western News-Holiday Train Run K. C. Jones 11-23-2022 - 12:13

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