How many tunnel motors are left?
Author: pdt incoming
Date: 02-06-2024 - 13:24

Some are at CN. Some at a shortline. In Florida? Sugercane hauler? Another in Texas hauling rocks? Where else?

I could Google. But faster to ask the experts. Rails and fans that know things. Other people may have the same question. More than just myself learns something. Everyone benefits.

And even the 'Experts' that know everything but usually get it wrong like Liarwanna, PHall, Dr.Know, coach("Utah is GOP and won't fund any govt program. Also I love your pictures of Frontrunner and TRAX that must have been built and funded by the tooth fairy!") They get to flap their keyboard gums again. Which apparently they need to survive like a fish needs to swim. We suffer them, but otherwise truly everyone wins. Except control freak Nazi's like "Do as I say not as I do" pdt.

Please! Delete! This!!! loves to spit out its dumb political slants then demands that no one else discuss their politics on TO. Whining to the mod to lock threads. After having its say, of course. Doesn't complain about leftist Dem shills like (f)Art House, Liarwanna, coach or the newest crackpot caprr. "How dare anyone mention that $Soro$ is the biggest Dem funder and here's a self-defeating example of where he funded soft on crime prosecutors that shows he didn't fund them! (He gave to a group set up specifically to fund them and which did.) And you are racist and antisemitic and our country's greatest threat if you notice!

I'm cool with exceptions for those asking what was already stated.

Original post - "Here are photos from Effingham and Littleville, IL."

Gonut - "I read something about Illinois. But can someone please explain where exactly this is? I iz sooooo confused!"

He said it right there! Effingham and Littleville, IL. Have you never heard of Apple Maps? Google Maps? Bing Maps? Mapquest? Wikiflippingpedia? Now that is lazy.

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  How many tunnel motors are left? pdt incoming 02-06-2024 - 13:24
  Re: How many tunnel motors are left? Jamail 02-07-2024 - 09:59

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