Re: LA Times puff piece?
Author: david vartanoff
Date: 02-11-2024 - 00:52

Ralph V started from "its a waste"; this article gave us opinions from those who want improved transportation options. I have said for years we are lucky the naysayers didn't kill the Transcontinental RR project. I probably won't lie to see the full project completed, but if I do, I will certainly use it. I grew up where trains to NYC from DC even 70 years ago were fastby standards of the day. The PRR promoted particularly, Wednesday matinees on Broadway with deep discounts for attendees. A couple decades ago the NYT ran an article about Philadelphia being the 6th boro of NYC, and I can tell you that the PRR sold both 44 ride punch, and unlimited flash passes from the Philly area to NYC (and before selling the LIRR to NYState, including destinations on LI. All of this, to me points to trips for both business and pleasure will be more feasible because the travel time will be shorter. How is that not a win for all of us?

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  Re: LA Times puff piece? david vartanoff 02-11-2024 - 00:52

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