Amtrak… Yep Screaming and Conspiracy
Author: The Weak in Review
Date: 06-07-2024 - 20:36

Someone at TO is doing a pretty good job tracking equipment heading in and out of Beech Grove, which shows that stuff is getting fixed. Diners are returning to trains, the wash rack is getting worked on in Chicago. Good news? Nope, JP is still running around lighting his hair on fire, Ronald cannot get out of the flat earth conspiracy mode and Joe the Angry… well just imagine getting stuck in the dining car with that guy.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Money needs to be spent on where the majority of the public wants to go. Somehow, it’s probably not living in some 1950’s fantasy. What is the best use? More frequent service between city pairs, or a restoration of a modernized Super Chief and the famed turquoise room.

Note: for Bob and his SP…. The San Jouquin’s are getting the famous AutoMat for food service.

Don't forget Liarwanna reinventing the wheels with his experting. Amtrak jobs postings helped him solve the Beech Grove riddles. In between his campaigning for bumbling Xiden posts.

JP is a good dude. He's in a totally different category. Though I sometimes confuse him with Pissfanatic.

My favorite posts now are Todd being shocked to find out CA is turning further and further into a corrupt socialist 3rd World craphole. This is what u kept voting for! He went nuts that the GOP didn't fall for the mask scam and that they didn't agree to force shots on everyone against their will.

ConspiracyChan is also a good dude but slipping back into conspiracy mode. Bringing back his "I know secrets but am not going to tell u" routines. "Those who have been paying attention and can decipher hieroglyphics know what I am referring to."

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