Oh, no...not again!
Author: Modocer
Date: 06-19-2007 - 21:23

Well, the Modoc Northern is on the ground at Alturas. Probably 10 or 15 carlengths from the sight of the derailment at the beginning of the year. This time its 6 Perlite hoppers at the front of the train. All are upright. The 1011 GE loco ran on into the yard. Crime scene tape to keep people away, as some of the cars are leaning over a little. It appears that the outside rail in the curve laid over. You know what came next. The cars are loaded, and I see a big crane in the future. Other than that, Their future still looks bright around here. They seem to be busy around the branch. The backscatter over the horizon radar installation from the Ronny Raygun SDI days is being quietly dismantled by some kind of metal munching machine and trucked to a staging area inside the "Y" at Perez and loaded into gons for the MNRR to pick up. There is a pumice loadout operation going on on the Perez siding that is generating loads as well. I also see activity around elevators in the Tulelake Basin. The bad order cars stored at Alturas yard for years seem to be dissapearing. Some much needed MOW equip. showing up and they may be making a buck or two storing a few cars on some sidings between Tulelake and Kfalls. Still, they didnt need this.

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  Oh, no...not again! Modocer 06-19-2007 - 21:23

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