Re: Aug issue Trains Mag, Watco!!!
Author: Ross Hall
Date: 07-26-2007 - 17:24

Watco and Amtrak,,,wow, this ought to be good. Normal first order of business for Watco is to reduce speed limits to 25 so as they can reduce the need to inspect the track, lots and lots of 10 mph slow orders the first year, with a few 5 mph jobs tossed in for variety, immediatly start begging to any government body that will listen that they need government bail out money or they won't let Amtrak run at all, then after getting that money, shut the whole thing down and try to sell it to the state---maybe the state of Washington will send 'em some money to help out. Reduce service to once a week and let outbound loads sit for two weeks in sight of the shipper before you take them out to the class one (this is their Walla Walla, WA operation by the way). (I was tracing a load of peas a couple of years ago that was loaded on Watco's PCC in Moscow, Idaho, Watco claimed the car was at Hooper and UP kept forgetting to pick it up, turned out---thanks to a railfan I hired to find the car---it had been sitting, with several others, in Pullman 10 miles from where it was loaded waiting for the PCC local from Hooper to come fetch them. Cars sat in Pullman for just over three weeks. No derailments or other problems, just hadn't gotten around to it yet.!)

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