SP RDC to return to California
Author: Argonaut
Date: 09-21-2016 - 15:27

Dear Friends of “The Budd Car”:

Recently, we received written approval from BNSF and Union Pacific to
move our historic rescued Budd RDC-1 from Galveston, Texas to Woodland,
California on railroad flatcar. Transport costs have been generously
waived, and the logistics for handling the car at both ends are under
final arrangements.

More good news: both railroads have approved SP-10 to be moved while
still mounted on its trucks. This method of transport saves us from
having to do considerable added work to separate our 83-foot stainless
steel railcar from its powertrain. And it eliminates the need for a
second flatcar just to carry the RDC's trucks.

Yet more good news: on September 12th, we received official
authorization from the Union Pacific to use the federally registered
Southern Pacific name as part of the future Southern Pacific Railroad
History Center in Rocklin, California — the ultimate home and planned
indoor display site for SP-10.

And now… to the best news!

Yesterday also marked the day that BNSF delivered a heavy-duty XTTX
89-foot machinery flatcar to our car’s location in Galveston!

Now we’ll be able to commence the loading of SP’s only Budd RDC to the
deck of that flatcar. Before SP-10 is lifted, a welder will secure a
series of one-inch-thick steel runners to the flatcar’s steel deck to
serve as a substitute for rails. Welded steel chocks will block our Budd
Car's wheels, and numerous heavy-duty chain tiedowns will secure the
load. This loading and securement process will take several days once
begun, and final arrangements are now underway.

There will be more updates when that process is initiated, when it’s
complete, and once again when the transcontinental rail odyssey to
SP-10’s temporary lodging in Woodland finally highballs the BNSF.

But for now, thank you so much for your help. Through your thoughtful
donations and your demonstrated commitment to SP history, a unique
chapter in SP passenger history is secure, and "The Budd Car" is truly
headed home to California!

~ Bob Zenk, for the SP-10 recovery team

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