Re: Norfolk Southern's "public relations" ???
Author: DzNtz
Date: 06-26-2008 - 22:01

I'm wondering about this. Shouldn't NS's "go-and-ask-him-questions-about-railroads-guy" know a bit more about everyday operations? I think that someone that holds that kind of position would be a dream job for a FOAMER, and the results would be a dream to the railroads, and thier publicity.

The last thing we, the knowledgable arm-chair railroad CEO's would like is a railroad representitive call a covered hopper a "boxcar". Believe me, I have seen it before, and the trickle-down to the media is a smearing of what he/she says anyways. So, let the media take informed facts and do what they seem fit - just don't let a schmoe get in that kind of public relations position and say "My best guess is that it was someone else's testing equipment passing by on our tracks. Statements like that make me madder than a dog in a hubcap factory.

If a foamer was in that kind of position at a railway, I'm sure that they, like some of us might know what interesting pieces of equipment are seen trackside. Somebody, like a rivet counter could be facsinating to the general public, and to instantly know the horsepower of a locomotive, how many active units of that model are currently in service. Know about things like steerable trucks, and like how a DPU works would IMHO, seem really interesting to Joe Q Public. At least they would get more information to digest, And I'm sure the pay is good too ;)

Just a thought..........

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