Re: Elon Musk Must Die-Are you just stupid, too?
Author: BOB2
Date: 12-17-2017 - 05:37

How much TSLA do you own? What a stupid comment about nonsense being spouted on twitter by an angry fool who finds himself increasingly cornered, by his own line of bs......

As we approach the end of yet another quarter, during which Tesla is not anywhere near meeting production targets for those EV's Elon promised his stockholders and customers, I expect that he might just be getting a little testy. It seems that whenever Tesla fails to meet investor's goals we get even more fantastic new announcements from Elon....

It just seems that every time Tesla tanks, we get news that trucks will disappear off of the streets and freeways of Denver, into the hypeloop tunnels and be "magically" loaded and transported to final destinations.... We hear about how you will be whisked to SFO from LA in only 30 minutes on "maglev" in a vacuum tube....(no mention of course, on where this terminal is, and how we will get there to be loaded, while we'd be "rubbing elbows" with who knows, when using that form of fixed guideway "public transit"...). And, if those are not enough to keep the simple minded in the media and general public wowed beyond belief, we will even get men to Mars by 2023..... For which I have a few suggestions myself for those who we could send on a one way trip....

Spacex appears to be the only company he owns that actually makes any money, and will have some interesting satellite launches this spring. But the rest of this "visionary's" empire appears to be built on other peoples money (TSLA), and on an awful lot of Elon's special brand of hype, which is probably beginning to worry some of those investors. So when Elon gets called on his often dubious lines of hype, he seems to get little unhinged, that anyone would ever be qualified to question in any his visionary brilliance......

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