Real News
Author: GP-9
Date: 02-01-2018 - 18:31

I usually don't say much but this has to be heard. Just got this over the wire. Has to be the real deal.

I can not divulge the author. This may be released by the FBI or someone that has had an affair with someone else at a later date.



Wolf Blitzer:
"We have a local reporter, Bob Albert, on the air directly from the location of the Republican Train accident in West Virginia." "Bob, what can you tell us at this moment?"

Bob Albert: "Well, Wolf, we know that GOP Train definitely hit a trash truck and killed the driver of the truck and injured a passenger."

WB: "Bob, do we know if the truck was on the railroad tracks when the Republican Train actually hit the truck ?"

BA: "Wolf...we're not quite sure, but according to a 9 year old eye witness, we think the train engineer may have made a sharp turn in front of the truck."

WB: "Well, you heard it hear first, it has been reported by eye witness, the Republican Train may have made a turn in front of the trash truck." "Now we wonder, with this Republican Train, could speed also been a factor. Great reporting Bob."

You heard it here first. Actually it was posted on TO but removed. Local radio stations are still replaying this and laughing about it this morning.


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  Real News GP-9 02-01-2018 - 18:31
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