The B Street Shuffle.
Author: Nick Wolters
Date: 03-11-2018 - 09:49

In 1910, the Central California Traction Company was an emerging entity, trying hard to showcase itself as a viable railroad corporation in the Northern San Joaquin Valley. Just five years old, the fledgling firm operated streetcars in Stockton and had developed a satisfactory clientele in conjunction with its passenger and freight business. As the sprawling web of tracks began to stretch well beyond Stockton's city limits, the CCT looked to upgrade its interchange access to the larger railroads. Eventually, the idea of building a new track segment to Santa Fe's Mormon Yard became the preferred proposal. CCT executives were enthralled with this proposition. But, many citizens in Downtown Stockton weren't as thrilled as the new line would be situated along several city blocks, specifically straddling B Street. After much fanfare, the CCT officially achieved its junction point with the ATSF in 1911.

Central California Traction Company 1790 waltzes down B Street in a scene that hasn't changed much in the past one hundred and five years.


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  The B Street Shuffle. Nick Wolters 03-11-2018 - 09:49

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