do they even pay their journalist?
Author: les
Date: 07-10-2019 - 20:00

Unlike the Times I don't have any expectations of Streetsblog. I wonder if they even pay their journalist, or do they even have journalist. Aren't they more of an article redistribution center then anything else.

BOB2 Wrote:
> The LA Times has gone through several excellent
> transportation beat reporters in my career, that
> did not last, and a lot of poor ones, some still
> there....and, don't ask me why...?
> One of the better ones went on to work in other
> parts of the country because of spousal
> relocation, a few I know "joined the enemy" for
> way fatter salaries, as agency PR "flacks", and
> others just "withered" and/or "wimped-out"...
> Like the one, who blinked, when malfeasance and
> outright lying was uncovered about the costs and
> traffic impacts from 110 toll lane project, but
> wasn't confident enough, even after others
> confirmed to him that the data he was given was
> reliable, to challenge the MTA, with the data he
> was given.
> I've always thought that the Times ended up
> promoting the more self righteous "pot boilers"
> like Ralph and Laura, because they wrote such good
> fiction....not in spite of it....
> The purpose of the LA Times has always been to
> make money for the owners, by selling ads, by
> attracting eyes or clicks. For a while it had a
> national reputation, in other iterations, and
> lately, not so much.
> If you're looking for "truth, justice, and/or the
> American way" well.... You're not really dealing
> with Clark Kent, ya know....?
> My view of this utter and complete misbegotten
> taxpayer financed self serving cluster-f##k at the
> CAHSRA "runaway money train", aside, Ralphs
> reporting does suck, it always has.... But, so
> does 90% of the BS coming out of Steetsblog….

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