SP 2472 (Not NWP)
Author: JackAttack
Date: 10-07-2019 - 19:39

I would politely request that you provide photographic or even just anecdotal proof of SP 2472 being at Larkspur on the NWP in the 70's before you spend anymore breath screaming at us about your great grand memories of seeing that engine there as you whizzed by on the freeway. I would suggest that memories founded on car-based freeway-running railfanning experience should not be relied on for accurate identification of any engine. In point of fact, it would not even be possible to read the numberplate on the engine from the freeway, for starters. Then there is the problem of your use of multiple names to push this seemingly pointless fiction. Words can hurt and confuse while feelings can mislead and misdirect memories and the heart. So please, put up or shut up, as the wise man said.

I would point to the nwprr.net thread in the thread below in which a member of your own nwprr network shared a nice picture of a steam engine at Larkspur which is not the 2472 but a different one which has been identified and still exists today. You were corrected in that thread politely but still you seek to mislead us without evidence...time for this to stop.

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