Re: PNWR Clatsop discontinuance Wow, another interesting thread, but what about the trolley, any photos?
Author: BOB2
Date: 01-14-2020 - 01:32

I am more interested in what they're keeping and what they are doing with that trolley.

Especially after listening to losers whine about an actual union that negotiates good wages for their members, which has had nothing really to do with this ports decline (how many container lifts did the terminals open here, miles from the connecting RR grid on a deteriorating high maintenance low traffic branch line. It's nothing to do with containerization and modern logistics, it's the "evil" ILWU, right?

And don't those entrepreneurs opening brew pubs, in a beautiful place, that has been in economic decline since the early 70's, as the once vast stands of old growth was systematically cut down, and as supplies dwindled, and the mills were gradually written off and closed, really just suck doesn't it?

And, by gosh by golly, don't you know, from all that ranting, how everything would be wonderful, if they could just strip mine the last 5% or so of old growth left around there, and maybe they could keep a mill or two open for maybe another five years or so...? Happy days are here again, right?

So, brew pubs, barristas, and cruise ships, full of folks paying to see the trees that are left (much of what's left, like in Humboldt, were down to parks and preserves for the old growth) might just be a more sustainable economy, albeit a low wage tourism and service one. Or, maybe, Astoria could become like Kla-"meth" Falls, with no hipster entrepreneurs opening brew pubs to "harvest" a sustainable yield from the cruise ships, and just the homeless meth heads and closed mills, right?

The real world marches on. If you really want to preserve some of this rail heritage, you might need a business plan that can sustain it. The delusional blame game fantasy world some of you seem to inhabit, where all of the awful forces of change that are beyond your control are obviously brought on by sinister politicians, and/or those nefarious hipster "evil" doers, is a pretty entertaining comedy though...

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