Re: Help, Webdigger! -- My answer
Author: WebDigger
Date: 09-15-2020 - 17:37

Ok, Smokey,Here's what I learned:

This was your link that didn't work:
• Here's what it displayed: Fire Train Archive
• But here's what the link actually was:

Gsearching for [Fire Train Archive] [] turned up some interesting stuff, but I found nothing useful for what I wanted at this time.

Searching for [Fire Train] using's built-in search [] gave me more than I was looking for, so I gsearched for [fire train] on the site [] and my first hit was "fire train Archives - Wildfire Today" [], which was what I (and you) wanted.

I don't think being on dial-up caused your problem, and I don't know why your original link had that string of characters added after the "good" part.

My suggestion to you, and to everyone, including me, is to try to be sure to verify that all the links you share will work the way you expect them to.

  1. Before using "Post message", use the "Preview" button. Consider using right-click to open your preview in a new tab or window.
  2. Don't provide the Spam prevention answer until you have verified that your links work.
  3. Check each link in your preview. Again, consider using right-click to open the link in a new tab or window.
  4. After you have verified all your links, provide the Spam prevention answer and then use "Post message" to post your message.
  5. After you have posted your message, close all the tabs and/or windows you no longer need.

Thank you, Smokey, for providing me with this interesting learning opportunity.

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