Thanks, Webdigger!!!
Author: Smokey
Date: 09-15-2020 - 18:54

Thank you for the tips!

I just figured my slow internet did something to the link. Fubar strikes yet again!

Glad the second link worked for you, Beartooth!

Subject Written By Date/Time (PST)
  Trains that fight fire Smokey 09-15-2020 - 14:13
  404 Not found Beartooth Bob 09-15-2020 - 15:23
  Re: 404 Not found - Help, Webdigger! Smokey 09-15-2020 - 15:35
  That one works Beartooth Bob 09-15-2020 - 16:25
  Re: Help, Webdigger! -- I'm working on it WebDigger 09-15-2020 - 16:26
  Re: Help, Webdigger! -- My answer WebDigger 09-15-2020 - 17:37
  Thanks, Webdigger!!! Smokey 09-15-2020 - 18:54

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