Worst Kind of Railroad Museum
Author: I was there
Date: 10-15-2020 - 10:59

Newsletter from the worst kind of railroad museum:

Greetings for your railway museum!

As our members are aware, for the past 50 years our board has done its best to preserve coach 1020.

Well today, we are proud to announce that coach 1020 is being deaccessioned. Deaccessioning is something that great museums do all the time. So we are proud to be among the greats!

Let's review our accomplishments over the past 50 years. Below are before and after photos.

Here we are in 1978, and how the coach looked then:


Here we are today, and how the car looks now:


Through no fault of our own, the car is now too far gone to restore. Rest assured, we did our best. No one could have done better.

Recall that 30 years ago, we repelled a hostile takeover by a group of upstarts that threatened to build a roof over the collection. Thank God we ran them guys off.

You will be receiving ballots for annual election of board members. Yes, there will be only one name for each board seat. And, no, you cannot attend board meetings.

And be sure to pay your dues! The board is planning a retreat at a five-star ocean resort, and we need the funds.

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