Re: Olympia
Author: questions
Date: 10-16-2020 - 12:18

Scott O Wrote:
> That spur over the water has not been used in
> years. After the Hardell Plywood plant burned
> there was nothing else to serve down there. The
> PSAP engine that switches the line is kept at the
> wye at East Olympia. They run Sunday midday last
> time I checked. They had a blue ex FEC GP40 the
> last time I was out that way. I do not know what
> other days they run but I know they run Sunday's.
> Scott O

Cool. That answers all my questions.
On Google satellite I found the unused spur to the Hardel Mutual Plywood site. Search says it burned 9/1/1996. Just south of it was Reliable Steel. Yeah nothing left on the spur for the RR to serve.

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