Re: LAMTA Los Angeles - street scene W or 5 line of a LARY fan trip?
Author: BOB2
Date: 09-22-2022 - 16:42

The tracks seem to end, the W line served north Broadway and turned down East Lake to Mission Road. But at one time, this line went around on Mission at the end of East Lake to the beginning of the North Main line, which also laid over there. The problem is that this does not look like East Lake looking north, as there is no bridge in the background, on any part of East Lake, and no hills in the background. These lines were abandonned in the "big" rail shut down of 1956, leaving only a handful of lines.

The first car in the photo has a W line header (West Washington to north Broadway), but the second car has a 5 line header (Eagle Rock to Hawthorne). There were a number of famous fan trips in the mid fifties on the LARY lines, and I suspect this may be from such an excursion. There are a number of famous shots of them on Mission Road in one of these fan trips, doing the whole "loop" through Linclon Heights.

Possibly its somewhere like 1st Street leadeing down to the underpass under what may be the 101 Freeway? I don't recall this segment of I-5 was completed through ELA until around 1960? This could even be a fan trip somewhere out on the Larchmont end and this could even be the Hollywood freeway bridge? The track do appear to end, and that would not be the case at the "loop" formed by the north Main and north Broadway lines on Mission.

This could possibly be the narrow segment in on First Street is why Barry and Bob advised that this segment of "LRT" go underground, after the Feds killed the ELA Red Line Extension as too costly. But I'm sure that the tracks on First Street did not here the mid fifties, so that is unlikely.

The bridge in the background is the big mystery? No way that is East Lake from that angle.

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