Re: Southern Pacific -- an unfortunate TV ad
Author: RA Phillips
Date: 11-18-2022 - 17:56

I knew a carpenter that worked at the Southern Pacific LA Taylor Roundhouse named Ray Boone. Being an artist, he contributed artwork to the Southern Region Mechanical Magazine named Keeping Track, that came out quartely. Impressed with his work, SP Executives in San Francisco asked if he would design a paint scheme for the SP Engine 7347, for the 1984 Olympics to be held in LA. He did. When I hired on with Amtrak in the Mechanical Department in 1990, I worked together with his brother Gary for 2 years on the 1st Shift. Gary said that Ray was never given credit at all for designing that paint scheme for SP7347. Later, after Phil Anschutz bought SP, a Town Hall Meeting was held in LA hosted by Phil Himself and a question was asked what investments he was planning to make in SP and Phil responded "none". Phil stated to everyone in attendance that the Railroad was just a hobby and he didn't make any money in it. He made his mind money off of Oil Rigs.He told them he bought SP just to see that SP would not go bankrupt. Coincidentally, Gary was laid off the next week after that! So he came to work for Amtrak. About a year later, my old best friend Brent Sabel, went to work for SP as a Hostler Helper at SP LA Taylor Roundhouse. Several months later, he said Phil Anschutz flew down from Denver, rented a car and went to Taylor Roundhouse. He walked in and imediately starting firing/dismissing many Employees there in sight!

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