Re: for men who outgrew trains
Author: Overnight business trip
Date: 02-05-2024 - 20:53

Whoopee on the rails..
by djansson
Posted: 20 years ago

Legend has it that the SP "Lark" had a steady roster of lovely ladies who rode between San Jose and Glendale (so the business-dude wifeys wouldn\'t see them get on or off the train with their hubbies) that had more or less permission (or encouragement?) from the railroad. Anything to keep the business traveller happy, y\'know.

Part of this comes from the memoirs of SP lounge car attendants who really knew what was going on. The giveaway as a discreet bit of black lace showing when the lady was seated in the lounge. The car attendants knew the deal and when the gentleman bought the lady a drink (opening negotiations, so to speak) the attendant got a small kickback from the lady. The guy paid for booze but the lady got served a watered down drink or just a coca-cola over ice and the attendant pocketed the rest as a "tip".

If you take a LONG HARD look into the history of the major social movers and shakers in San Francisco society today, you\'ll find many a wealthy social diva who met her hubby "on a train". Really!

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  Meanwhile for folks who actually like trains and miss the SP, try this..... BOB2 02-05-2024 - 17:30
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  Re: for men who outgrew trains Overnight business trip 02-05-2024 - 20:53
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  How about the Starlight? relentlesscactus 02-05-2024 - 22:48

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