Re: TIBR - something new
Author: OldPoleburner
Date: 12-04-2006 - 20:53

What makes you think U.P. has learned anything in texas. They haven't anywhere else! They are still repeating the same mistakes elsewhere. As evidence of continued meltdown: Everytime I have passed through Salt lake City in the past few years, numerous trains were parked (no headlights - no one in lead cab) on the Ogden-SLC mainline. This was once a speedway for freights (every 20-30 minutes all day long). Last time I was there was September - and they were stacked up everywhere.

At least once I saw five westbounds parked on the trancontinental main east of Ogden. I should add that most of the old Ogden yard is now gone - now there's no room at the inn.

The best place to watch parked trains is near Roseville California. There are usually at least three parked between Antelope and Elvas. On the guise of permitting more passenger trains, UP is trying to get California to build a third main track. Presumably to park more. The single track Marysville line is almost always plugged as well.

Occasionally, the Cal-P gets parked trains on the main as well. I have even seen and heard of car cuts (no engines) left on the Cal-P main for days! - causes the dispatchers to cuss a lot on the radio!

U.P. has learned one thing though - at the hand of MTH - that image of logos and paint schemes on models or other art are "Fair use" and have been so for well over 70 years. Good for MTH! David has again defeated Goliath. I believe we all owe a debt of gratitude - if not our business - to MTH for their willingness to take on the UP in court. Because they won - we won.


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