Concrete Ties
Author: Dick Seelye
Date: 06-19-2007 - 03:27

Track building / track replacement can be found by following the offerings in our railroad press. Success rate will be in the same order of magnitude as blue moons. (It helps to be retired and traveling in an RV)

In the track replacement configuration, the timber ties are stacked on the cars from which concrete ties are taken. Watch the straddle buggies drive from flatcar to flatcar. The concrete tie plants usually have timber tie disposal plants nearby. New rail is placed on the concrete ties and the used rail is placed on the shoulders for later pickup. The same trains are used in slightly different configurations for building new track. Maybe walking speed.

A plant is East of Spokane. The ties are "built" upside down, so the formed face, with the modern equivalent of the date nail is upwards. The bottom is intentionally rough to minimize movement. Find spares in material yards, with guide service, of course.

Track replacement on otherwise live mains is scheduled "years" in advance. Daily startup and closedown procedures are "long", so work windows are long - maybe 12 hours. So traffic has to be scheduled. Watch for filling and emptying of major yards and long passing sidings, with corresponding operating crew scheduling.

The tie manufacturers have lighter designs for transit lines.

There are several models of hardware.

Along the BNSF, North of the Keddie Wye, you may see the results of one wheel bouncing down the field side of track with concrete ties. Derailment presumably occurred south of the last dragging equipment detector. It was detected violently when the Stockton-bound crew started down the Feather River Canyon. The derailed wheel set headed East at the tunnel turnout. Traffic resumed about two days later. Drive up the gravel pit road to the Northbound crew-change for a view of the rebuilt track. All ties were replaced. Total cost ????

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