Re: Seattle Waterfront Streetcar
Author: Motor Voter
Date: 06-30-2008 - 15:46

> King County Exec "Ron Sims", personally told 'ME' the last time he ran for re-election,

I wouldn't believe Ron Sims if he told me it was sunny and warm outside. How does he keep getting re-elected?

Seattle needs to get it's head out of... Well anyway, they need to get things together with light rail and mass transit.

Here's a prime example. Consider the very convenient connection between Sound Transit Commuter trains and the new Light Rail line. You get to climb the stairs (and we all know how folks LOVE doing that...) cross a busy street, often in the rain, walk to the bus tunnel, go down the stairs and then walk a long way along the platform.

In Portland, you get off the bus at the Gateway Transit Center and walk about 10 steps, on level ground, to the streetcar.

Now which one is more likely appeal to the typical lazy American?

There was NO reason to ever shut the streetcar down. None whatsoever. Metro acted all surprised by the art museum park. The same park the museum worked on creating for years and years. At least 5 years of planning based on quick research, probably closer to 10. But golly, gee, it caught us by surprise!

This is the same Metro that is doing nothing at all to prepare for the upcoming gridlock when they tear down the viaduct, or at the rate they're going when it falls down on it's own.

Here's a question for you Ron Sims... WHY ARE THEY ONLY 2 THROUGH LANES ON I-5 IN DOWNTOWN SEATTLE? No, it's not the convention center, there's room for 5 lanes under there, but you choose to waste them with on and off ramps.

Yep, Seattle really has it together when it comes to transit.

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