Re: Stupid Question
Author: OldPoleBurner
Date: 04-20-2017 - 14:52

How is it that in this day and age, that a completely rebuilt publicly owned rail line did not include quiet-zone design specs for every single grade crossing, in the first place. Such a thing is hardly unprecedented.

For example, UTA's Front-Runner line features 90 contiguous miles of quiet-zones (no exceptions allowed); which were installed as part of the initial construction contract. Not only that, the initial UTA construction included an enhanced ATC system that the FRA accepted as already compliant with PTC regulations.

Moreover, since all of those 90 route miles of trackage share the r.o.w. with Union Pacific's transcontinental mainlines, UP also has 90 contiguous route miles of quiet-zone. Then consider the fact that several "new" heavy rail transit lines, such as BART, WMATA, MARTA, etc; were built from scratch with no public grade crossings at all.

Even if a quiet-zone is not intended to be legally established, arranging the physical configuration of any grade crossing with 4 quadrant gates, or high center-line barriers in the roadway; will greatly improve safety. They both prevent driving around the gate. It is totally irresponsible to ever build a grade crossing without them. Of course, avoiding the use of grade crossings entirely, would be best.

Whatever Farhad Mansourian merely "Wanted" is unimportant. Prudent action by any rapid transit system will always include reasonable precautions to protect public safety, not to mention passenger safety. And such configurations are very reasonable. His decision utterly fails this test, thus disqualifying him from being considered a competent public servant. He should be fired.

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