Re: CAHSR update
Author: synonymouse
Date: 11-09-2019 - 11:30

Yeah, consider pretty much every transport decision made by the elite genius authorities from 1946 forward. Market St. Ry., Key System, BART white elephant tech intentional sabotage.

Especially the Market St. Ry. - worn out and then bought out and then utterly trashed. Why even bother?

All this treachery accomplished by the same political class nowadays so beset with OMG Global Warming. Obviously not the same individuals but in the case of the Browns the same privileged family. The same taint of witch hunt-demonizing that was used against electric rail lines. Same kind of brain dead propaganda - get those obsolete, old-fashioned tracks and wires out of the way of our glorious fossil-fueled automobiles. Basically what "Mobility" meant in the real world was systematic disinvestment in plant and devolution down to the cheapest mode and easiest to abandon diesel bus transit.

Not entirely impossible that in a dystopian Mad Max future electric buses prove to be too expensive and sketchy to maintain and we end up back with the good ol' black smoke fuming 3rd world stink bus.

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