Modoc LIne
Author: Tom Mueller
Date: 06-28-2020 - 18:15

I drove to Medford via Alturas today. The yard in Alturas has about 100 plus center beams stored. I saw no other type of railcar in the yard. I drove towards Lakeview to see if the Goose lake was tied up at the county road grade crossing. It was not but the Gooselike pick up they use for taxiing was there. I have no clue as to when they actually interchange with the UP

Now the Modoc…………………………………

Alturas to Canby was uneventful. Once I turned onto to 139 I saw about 20/25 short covered hoppers ( cement type) on the Canby siding. As I started up the grade I observed MOW trucks and rail equipment operating was a small tie gang working the grade. At the top of the grade I stopped at a crossing I believe is the south end of the Ambrose siding. Nothing was on the tracks. At Perez I saw a large quantity of Centre beams stored plus I saw what looked like fresh ballast. Once I crossed over the tracks and continued north I saw new ties staged along the right-of-way to Tule Lake. At the grain elevators just south of Tule Lake was “full” mechanized tie gang staged. Additionally I noticed fresh ballast all the from Perez to Tule Lake ( Texum actually). North of Tule Lake to KFALLS revealed new ballast as well new ties.

I have no idea what is going on but UP is directing a considerable amount of resources($$$) to the Modoc Line from Texum to at least Canby (if not beyond). I realize the line suffered from decades of deferred maintenance but to put this much effort into a line that sees one train per week is baffling

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